Tuesday, July 5, 2016

what's more worth than anything you have now?

I am pretty sure I did want to talk about my working cases but nah, sometimes it's too long to talk about it, since it wasn't only happened in my company, but others too. I'm not an active blogger, but i tried to make it work tho.

Well, world is full of surprises, even humans, you won't know when they are gonna be so pussy and getting PMS even they are just guys man. If you want to become a leader, be like one. Not fucking ordering everyone as if people want to listen to you man. Failure. I am not saying i'm good, but at least if i want to work under someone, i want to work with no stress. If you're saying someone who has the same standard as you, and you are working under him, and he is ordering you around like a slave, you definitely will fight back for all the rights you should have.

Enough for right now, i'm burning up. Gotta go. See you.

Promise will be a better post next time.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Having that much of loves from most of them

Disappear most of the days and busy all the time thanks to my working. I think i did not update that i changed my work since beginning of the year. Earlier January, i was working at the tea shop which has bad marketing, i won't explain much with all the details because it's quite disturbing to me. Well after a month, i am starting with my new job after chinese new year, which is in architect firm. Workload is a lot but not that stress. But gotta OT almost everyday.

With one of the weekend, i attended my coursemates' graduation ceremony at UTAR Kampar. The whole streets are selling full of bouquets for the graduates. Proud of them, And yet after the graduation, we went Ipoh to hang out for a day.

The mixture of everything.

Will update soon again !

Saturday, January 2, 2016

goodbye 2015 

Indeed in this year I have been through lots of ups and downs. Shitty things are really tough and I couldn't story it in a year. I've been a rebellious kid throughout the year and I know there's lots of backlands story where I don't feel like knowing it. But it's okay. Past is past, I'll take it as a memory where I could think about it when I was emo or alone. 

I did not spend my new year Eve with my high school but instead with my 3 years classmates at university. Sadly but it's okay. I've been spending 4-5 years. 

New year resolution. 
Work hard 
Study hard
Play hard 
Earn more money to spend HAHAHA 
Be mature 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Towards the bright area.
Being a discipline student or super-perfect student ain't my style anyways, but everyone wishing themselves were one of them. I never seen people could be so helpless and looking at students to die in many ways. That's what they said, its POLICY. I got unfair treatment by this bunch of people, but i will prove them in future, this is what i can do. Here i will tell you about this story within this 3 months.

Final design project, construction drawing, and structural subject. If this 3 comes together, you will really have to kill yourself for it, Consider failing one of these subjects would actually making you late graduation, because of their uni system doesnt have this resit paper, yet you want to retake this whole subject by paying the same amount. This uni doesnt same as other uni, of course they have their own policy. And this policy is killing students.

If i could say i am confident getting pass for all 3 this subjects, its true, maybe over-confident. Most of the failed students can blame themselves being unable to pass this subject, yet hard subject are offered once a year only. When you failed this subject, you really have to delay another year. If you wanna include the prequisite subject, it will be 2 years. Not just wasting time, but wasting your mood to continue study. Lecturers are willing to help, is just the policy of the uni are killing students. I do been through, i am going through. Just can't accept the fact that you actually have to delay and everyone of your classmates are going graduate, yet you stay behind look at them, how happy they are.

Yes, i will blame myself for not being hardworking, but you know, we do have another subject to kill ourselves, which is design. Some lecturers don't even bother student's academic when they don't even care about students. But they said the generation's mindset now is all about blaming the lecturer for not being good for teaching. I say its both ways.

I stayed here for 3 years, lots of up and down, and still have to continue with my life, and i will achieve something in future, so look at me, one day i will succeed, one day i will get what i deserve, one day my bad luck will go away, and ONE DAY, i will show you what i am capable of.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Listen to justice.

Sorry for unable to post for the time being, which is 5 months have passed. I promised i would post about my another life as I moved into a hostel due to my uni have shifted. I will update more soon. Please be patience with me. Once i settled my problem, i will talk about it

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

last night in Krabi at the hilltop.

Well, as my last post i mentioned i am going Krabi for vacation to celebrate end of the 3rd year first semester, and here i am! posting about Krabi before i forget all the stories in Krabi like i forgotten the happenings in Bali.

hello my partner in crime! Been my companion throughout the whole trip!
thanks for letting me dropby your house and go to airport together tho!

my hotel view from balcony, it has mountain and pool!
shops around the beach
All times fav food, it has been my breakfast and lunch and teatime and supper!
7-11 and family mart (same kind like 7-11) really famous at this area, so we keep on visiting those shops. But the MCD is pricy super expensive also, around rm30 per meal? like come on, who wants it. We manage to get cheaper Subway there, well, price should be the same. 

we had our motor ride to everywhere we want. thanks to my driver again! the same driver during bali xD

So we ride to this far place called Emerald Pool, 1hour 45mins from our hotel, probably the most craziest, adventurous trip we ever been too (except during bali, that's super creepy), so this pool is really nice with all the clear water and you are able to swim too, the water is cooling, not so hot also. Sadly there's some incident happened, but its okay, we keep our positive thinking XD 

Next day, we follow our tour to visit some of the island. By sitting the speed boat, we can reach those island. 
 Loook at the water!! *~* so prettyyyy

4th day! we went to kayak, its super tiring. My kayak partner made me ride the whole river, hmph

 one of the place we visited. 

 sunset at the beach.
the last night at krabi! 

well, my uni starts next week, i will be disappear for few months again, meanwhile, i'm shifting to sg long since my campus shifted, i will be staying with my classmates! :D should be fun i guess. 

see you readers! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

hello there! :D hahaha i am sorry after another 5 months till the next post, i really have no time to deal with my own free time. Since i'm in my final year, i have lots of thing to deal with, i mean homework. Yeap, homework. lol, no one's fav. So as i still remember my travel, and we went to bali for "study trip" for 10 days. 10 days is a longgggggggg day for a small place, i kinda regret though. but i do not regret the fun. 

well this is the our first day hotel, the door is quite small though 

 and we spent time on motor bikes and going another beach, i don't seem why i can't find those picture. 
oh i have one! haha this is one of our adventure while we got lost at the place, we are soaked with rain, going by all he dark night without any lights, we're afraid we can't get back to hotel. My friends went to surfing while i enjoy beside the sea. Seems super fun and adventurous! 

one of the night, we went to see dolphins at 6am, because they only came out at that hour. we woke up at 2am just to sit a ride to another beach which needs 3 hours distance, then we came up to a small boat and chase with all the dolphins. Luckily our boat lead by a leader, so we went far apart to see lots and lots and lots of dolphin! Feeling happy! 

we visit green school which built by bamboos only!

the holy temples where we need to wear sarong as a respect!

we went hiking with lecturer and we found this mysterious and the only nice cafe at the midway, we actually do our design at this place!

 one of the temple which looks like the Maze Runner movies, i wonder did they get the ideas from this area or not.
we climbed up far for a temple to see the surrounding.
this pictures conclude our trip! haha i gonna miss their massage, their food and the stupid hot sun which made me looked damn tan! :D


And while the month has reached April which i will be spending my last few days to be 20, and i have lots of friends celebrating with me.

my cosplay gang !! haha but they celebrated 2 weeks earlier..
i do not have the group pictures man! so i gonna upload this haha

this is my fav and biggest family group celebration, i love them so much! they knew what i want. hahaha actually not really, i wasn't expecting balloons, or some of my friends appearance. 
it's been super duper long since the last time i see them! really really love them with all my heart 

last but not least, with my UTAR classmates! We ate rocku, something like korean bbq but its super expensive! thanks for a little cake! i love it! and at night we actually went to sing k, till late night, then they sang birthday song to me, because its the exact date already!

and MY MAMIIIII, i must admit that i am super surprised when she called me and tell me she's at the lobby waiting for me. WOMAN, YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO BE IN KAMPAR AND NOT IN KL. YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO PREPARE FOR EXAM AND NOT HERE!
I feel like crying that day though, i did not expect she will be here for my 21st birthday, i am super duper happy! 

A sudden thoughts which i feel that i am the luckiest kid in this world, even my parents bought me a key necklace because its 21st, i dont expect them to buy too because some of the personal problem..

i think i will conclude the post here, since its been super long post already. haha! i will be updating soon since i am going krabi ! :D tata readers. xoxo